Advantages of a Will The principal advantages of a will

Advantages of a Will

The principal advantages of a will are that it allows the testator to : Make a specific provision for each member of his family or other beneficiaries. Appoint a guardian for minor children (under i8). Declare whether he wishes to be buried or cremated (although this is not legally binding). Leave his body to a medical school for anatomical purposes (although relatives can disallow this if they object). Legal Requirements Any person over i8 is entitled to make a will. Although the will does not have to follow any special form of wording, it is advisable to have it drawn up by a solicitor. A mistake in a will cannot be corrected once the person who made it has died.

After death it becomes final and anything in it which is doubtful or ambiguous would have to be settled by the court in the event of a dispute. The advantages of using a solicitor are that he will ensure that an acceptable wording is used; he will also be able to give skilled advice on such matters as capital transfer tax. In addition, he will have the will clearly printed and will keep a copy on file. Should the original then be accidentally destroyed or lost, the copy could be legally effective.

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