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  • No win – No Fee

We believe that the above statement “No Win No Fee” is misleading because the charges made are claimed directly from the insurers and in most cases, you will not even know what has been taken from your award.

It can be as much as 35% with you know what you are going to be charged. Initially, there will be the court fee and our admin fee refundable against 12% of the award gained. Do the maths 12% or 35%?

The Court Fees

Below are listed the Court Fees and DC UK’s admin fee which must be paid prior to submission of the N1 form to the Court.

All of the fees you have had to pay in order to recover the debt outstanding from your defendant will be added to your claim.

The admin fee is payable with the court fee.

In the event that the matter proceeds to a hearing in Court (which will only usually occur if the Defendant either disputes the claim or raises a claim against you) and the claim exceeds £1,500.00 the Court will require what they call an Allocation Fee of £100.00. This is to cover their administrative costs in “allocating time” for the hearing and making any orders necessary to ensure that both parties are ready for trial and notified of the hearing date etc. All fees and costs are added to the claim (together with interest).