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Although it is not possible for this site to provide specific legal advice, we are able to offer advice and help on how to issue a small claim, what costs are involved, how long does it take and how to access the necessary Small Claims Court forms. Should you require a legal consultation we would recommend that you contact a solicitor in your area.

Is it really worth it, taking someone to court?

Making a claim through the UK Small Claims Court can be very daunting and confusing.
It isn’t.
Our website is designed to provide no-nonsense solutions for all claim problems including debt collecting, landlord & tenant disputes, insurance & compensation claims, faulty goods, poor workmanship and non-payment of wages, salary or labour bills.

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Our website contains all the help and information you need to commence a claim and obtain a satisfactory outcome. May we wish you all the best in your small claim.

Making a Small claim

If someone owes you money and you cannot settle things in any other way, you may decide to issue a claim through the county court. People also issue claims for other reasons, including:

First steps for making a claim

Your application will include information on what steps you have already taken to try and recover the money. You would therefore be advised to write to them as a first step, explaining the reasons for your dissatisfaction, what you would like in return and a reasonable timeframe for doing this.

You should also provide notice of your intention to take further action if they do not do as instructed. See our templates page for a model of how to structure your letter and what kind of information to include. Remember to send any correspondence recorded delivery and keep copies for inclusion in your claim.

Remember that this website can only give you a general idea of what is likely to happen. They cannot explain everything about court rules, costs and procedures which may affect different types of claim in different ways.

Where do I start my claim?

You can issue (start) your claim online by visiting www.moneyclaim .gov.ukĀ or in any court in England and Wales. You can find the address and phone number in the phone book, under Courts, or our website www.hmcourts-service.gov.uk. Most court offices are open between 1 0 am and 4 pm.

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