A House Owner’s Rights – Compensation Most Owners Will Accept

A House-owner’s Rights – Compensation Most owners will accept the inevitable, and concern themselves with that basic question-how much compensation will they get? One problem for the owner is the long delay, often several years, between confirmation of the scheme and the date when the authority actually takes the house. If, during this period, he wants to sell privately, he may find that it is difficult to realise what he thinks is a realistic figure. In these circumstances, the owner can insist that the authority buys his house immediately at the market value, which means the amount an owner would ordinarily expect to receive for his property if he put it up for sale on the open market.

Where only part of his land is taken he can claim compensation if the value of what remains has fallen. Or he can require the authority to buy the rest of his property.

The owner should always instruct an independent surveyor to negotiate the price on his behalf. The surveyor’s fees, as well as legal fees and removal expenses, will be paid by the authority.